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Radio Related Photographs

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G4RS Shack. July 2000

G4RS Late Evening. July 2000


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Jack G3DPS @ His Shack & My Dad - July 2000

G3DVL (RSARS Rally Rep) Brighton Rally. July 2000

G4EMX/p On EU120 (Isle of Wight). G5RV on Portable Mast. July 2000

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Paul G0DBS @ Froyle Fete near Alton Hants. July 2000

Stan G3DSS in front of the Server @ G4RS. July 2000

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The late Tom Hicks DJ0BU - G4CAG March 1981. In his shack he loved so much.

The MP4 Club room in Sharjah. Left Eric MP4TCM - G3LZR. Inside Left Kit MP4TCR - G4EMX. Inside Right Mike MP4TCJ -G3DAY. Right Derick MP4TAF - G3RKN. 1969


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DJ0SS Celle 1981. (G4HWC/DL)

The GB7EMX AMTOR Stn 1982


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G4RS Local Members 1979

Left to Right - G4EYP - G2HNL - G???? - G4DBY - G3EKL - G???? - G4EMX - G???? - G???? - SWL ? - SWL ? - G4HVA

(If you know any of the callsigns missing pse tell me)

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G4RS HQ Stn RSARS - 8 Signal Regt (Training) 1985 ?

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DA2WN p 1980 BAOR.jpg (111032 bytes)

The DA2WN Shack with FT75B in 1975

Ron DA1FR (G3NKO) in the shack of Tom DJ0BU. Summer 1982

DA2WN/p sometime in 1982, somewhere in the woods in West Germany

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G4AMX (Left) and yes G3XSN Bert with a mike in his hand - G4RS Catterick May 1978

Jaycee Electronics at a rally in early 1983. Bill Left and John GM3OPW right

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Fibre glass pole used as long wire support @ Penstowe

Back of Villa, that had old TV support to take long wire to coax feed.

G4EMX/P July 2001, in Spanish Villa @ Panstowe Holiday Village near Bude in Cornwall

Coax is feed to long wire via pencil sharpener holder. Earth side is just 1/4 waves on ground.

View from road of vertical in high winds.


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Bottom section of PBX 100 fited in provided earth spike.jpg (61129 bytes)

Top section 80 with 40 20 15 10 fitted in middle.jpg (63979 bytes)

Radials fitted and MFJ 249.jpg (66227 bytes)

PBX 100 -Portable Aerial laid out before assembly

PBX 100 - bottom section in earth spike

PBX 100 - Top section with 4 80 metre coil on top.

PBX 100 - with bottom section radials attached - Plus the MFJ 249 to tune whips on coils.

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Base of 5 Mhz vert.jpg (311114 bytes)

Coax conection at base to coax.jpg (312473 bytes)

Coil across + & - at back.jpg (315853 bytes)

5 Mhz Vertical Aerial. 30 foot fibre glass mast. With 64 feet of wire wrapped around in Helical fashion.

Base of 5 Mhz vertical.

Connection at base of 5 Mhz vertical.

Dc Coil at base of 5 Mhz vertical.

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DX70T installed with remote head lead in Peugeot 406 2001-2.

Main body of DX70T mounted on side wall in right foot well of Peugeot 406.

EDX2 Auto ATU fitted on roof of Peugeot 406. For use with DX70T. Used at first (2001) to feed G Whip. Then 2002 to feed the HFM 1 Stainless steel 2.7 Mtr whip.





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