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Thanks RSARS

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Thanks to all RSARS members who over the years have helped me move on in life through thick and thin. To G3RKN (MP4TAF) & G3EKL <SK> who showed me the path to the Royal Signals in 1969. To GM8FYJ (MP4TCJ), who showed how the other half lived in 1968! G3OPW who rightly or wrongly reminded me that there was such a thing as Civilian life!! To G3DSS <SK> & G3WGM who helped me when I ran GB7EMX Amtor BBS 1991 to 1995 in Aberdeen. To others G3ONU <SK>, G3NVK, G4LSL, G3YBO, GM3WKM, who have all (even if they do not think so). Have said or done things that have made an impact on my short life so far both in Amateur Radio and my work path.

And to GM0WPQ (Not RSARS) , who suggested I set up this home page back in 1998 - Tks Jo.

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