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13-11-73 to 7-11-99

(Aged 25)

Jason was and always will remain in my thoughts. he was born in what was known as West Germany, at the BMH hospital @ Rintelin north of Beilfeild. This area was also known as BAOR. Jason was a loving child and as he grew older was like all young boys into everything, Including his Dads Radios. As a baby I used to offer to do the night feed and Jason would be perched on my lap taking his bottle whilst dad had a listen around the DX bands.

Jason's first school was @ Catterick in 1978 and later back in West Germany in 1979 @ Celle north of Hanover. Jason spent his schooling there @ Grenville school where he received two achievement awards from Mr Harrison the then headteacher.

It was decided by myself and my then wife that he should attend boarding school back in England with his sister. In fact it turned out to be Wales at a school called Panteg near Narbeth. Here he seemed to mature and learnt to play chess (this ability was taught later by him to his step sister Rebecca). He was also very enthusiastic about life but also valued his privacy. Which be came part of him as a young man. he was also noted for his wit and bad jokes (as reported in his end of term reports)

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Panteg School Logo

Panteg School Building

Music lesson, Jason second from left sitting

Jason with Sister Kelly, School Holidays in Celle West Germany June 1982


Dec 1982 saw us return to the UK, and in February 1983 eventually to Rhynie in the region of Grampian in the North East of Scotland. Jason liked it here and at the local school he took part in drama, and was in the local cubs. He enjoyed the outside life and loved to walk with the dog and play in the snow. He was very keen on Star wars the first time round.

We moved in 1985 to Bellabeg in Strathdon. Where my wife was the warden for the local Sheltered housing complex called Doune Court. Here Jason was in his element. He enjoyed the open country side and the company of the residents. Listening to there stories of days gone by. And learning to cook different types of Scottish fare. We where on the snow line here, and Jason loved to go for walks on his own or with friends around the forests and glens. I think this is one of the places he really loved.

We eventually moved in 1987 to Blackburn on the outskirts of Aberdeen. Jason attended at the Bank Head academy. Where he enjoyed Maths and Physics. Also his Chess and interest in snooker which he played up to his death. He also became very interested in PC games and arcade games which he played at every opportunity. He did well at school obtaining in 1991Highers in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics (revised) and Physics.

After the break up of the family he was able to travel abroad to Singapore and on to Malaysia where his mother was then living. This he did in July each year of 92, 93 & 94. This was a fantastic opportunity for a lad of his years and I thank my ex wife and her husband for giving him that opportunity. He had enrolled in Physics at the local Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen. Unfortunately he did not graduate, due to his views on final exams. However he passed Nemours Modules (8 in all) within the subjects of Physics. He was the life and sole of the class and was as usual a great person for wind ups and jokes.

Due to the break up of the family and other conflicts Jason moved into his own flat and had different jobs in and Around Aberdeen. He made very many Friends. And had a very laid back attitude to life. Unfortunately he was diagnosed Nocturnal Epileptic. Which though only happening in his sleep. He was so up front he all ways advised prospective employers about his mild disability. And unfortunately this seemed to go against him at job interviews. He loved cooking and had varying jobs in the catering trade. He loved life and enjoyed his new relationship with myself and his step daughter Rebecca. Who doted on him. He had many friends in Aberdeen all of whom did not have a bad word to say against him.

Jason stayed over at my house many times in the last few years of his life. Rebecca loved his company and was very proud of her big brother,they played chess and argued just like two kids. Jason, house sat whilst I was on holiday @ Christmas 1998. I offered him the chance to come with us to visit his gran parents. But he wanted to enjoy Christmas with his friends. And told me there was all ways next year. Unfortunately that was not to be. Maybe a lesson for us all there not to put off till tomorrow when one has the chance to do it today.

Jason died on the 7th November 1999 in his sleep of Epilepsy. Officially known as Sudden Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). More young Males and Females between 15 and 30 who suffer epilepsy die each year of SUDEP then there are Cot Deaths in the UK. Jason was only diagnosed epileptic about four years previous and only had fits in his sleep and we where told it was not life threatening. This illness  is little known about and goes unreported in the press and by the medical profession.


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Jason's Ash's where scattered here @ Aberdeen Crem in February 2000

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