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Photographs from my days in the Army 1966 to 1982


Infantry Junior leaders Battalion May 1966 to April 1968

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J/Sgt Hall - J Platoon, Guards Company IJLB March 1968


Sharjah June 1968 to March 1969

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The Queens Company - 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards - On Parade Sharjah 1969


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The VC10 Silver bird that brought us here via Malta


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The welcome party - Chico the Char waller. Who saved us from starvation when the cook house food was rubbish!!


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Sharjah Town January 1969 - The day the rain came to town


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Exercise up country

Tactical (White Shirt!!!) Platoon HQ

Yes we washed - 0500 hrs. Kit in the middle

On shift (MP4TCR) with Platoon radio at Platoon HQ in a sanger


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Yes it did rain one day for 48 hours Jan 1979

And with the rain came hailstones the size of gulf balls. The VC10 was grounded and had to fly back to UK empty due to damage

Wadi Shawca - up country

The Wadi Shawca Swimming pool !!

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Hard Tack Biscuits and cheese for NAAFI break

The hotel- last window on right was mine !!!

The local hospital

24095289 Gdsm Hall - Sir!!!


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March 1969, Regt Band beating retreat the day we left.

The big Silver bird home


1969 saw me return to public duties in London after ten months active duty in the Gulf. I applied for Transfer to the Royal Signals and my then CSM (Clark) advised me to take my uniform home, and get some photographs for historical value as my transfer had been approved and I was leaving the Battalion shortly.

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Mum & Sister up to see Kit on his last Public Duty at St James Palace - July 1969

Guardsman Kit Hall - Queens Company, 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards. - St James Palace, Queens Guard 1969

At my grand parents house in Helingly Nr Hailsham Sussex - August 1969

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Nan & Pop with there Grand Son (Notice Pop has on his WW1 Medals)

All the Family together - August 1969

Sister with big Bro


639 Signal Troop (Rear Link) Feb1970 Sep 1971

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Pre Northern Island Training in Mormoloux France Oct 1970

Dec 1970, last shot in Uniform, in case one did not come back from Belfast in one bit !!


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2 Sqn - 21 Signal Regt (AS) @ RAF Wildenrath - 1975




14 Signal Regt (EW) Sep 1979 to Dec 1982

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DA2WN with then wife Eleanor

DA2WN getting his LSGC (Long service & Good Conduct) Medal. From the CO of 14 Signal Regt (EW) 1982


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Radio Troop 14 Signal Regt (EW) BAOR - 1981 - DA2WN (GM4EMX) Front row 5th from right,

14kape.jpg (357174 bytes)

14 Signal Regt (EW) BAOR (Shuen) - Picture taken at Blandford before tour started.

Regimental KAPE tour of South West England Summer 1982 - Kit (DA2WN) SSgt second from right back row.

VHF Jammer - VHF DF Unit (look carefully for aerial camouflaged by trees in background) - HF Clansman secure Regt - to Div Reporting unit.  

14 Sigs EW KAPE.jpg (459066 bytes)

Regimental KAPE tour of South West England Summer 1982

Equipment as above.


Kit and Chris 14sigs mess.jpg (76047 bytes)

SSGT Kit Hall (Left) - SSGT Chris Conway

14 Signal Reg (EW) Sgts Mess Do Christmas 1981